As a leader in the mulching industry in Central Florida, Reliable Peat sells a variety of mulches and soil to both residential homeowners and commercial landscapers. We get many questions from our customers, including how much money can they save by purchase mulch in bulk? The fact is, you can save a lot and now if you purchase a bulk order over 6 yards you can save 10%.

Last week we answered some commonly asked questions about mulch, here are a few more

Marble-Chips200What is the difference between Organic and Inorganic mulch?

Organic mulch such as pine bark, wood chips and pine straw, break down over time. As it decomposes it adds valuable nutrients to the soil and improves drainage, but it will also need to be replenished every so often. Where as inorganic mulch such as stones, rocks, and pebbles don’t break down over time. Since they don’t decompose, they don’t add nutrients to the soil, but they will stop the weeds from growing, retain moisture, and won’t have to be replaced as often.

How should I apply mulch?

The easiest ways to apply mulch is to place small piles between groups of plants. Then take a shovel, or rake and spread it around the plants. Avoid piling it up against the trunk of a plant or tree.

Can I pick up the mulch or have it delivered?

You can pick up any of our mulch, soil, or landscape materials at our Winter Garden or Lake county locations. For our customers convince we deliver just about anywhere.

How do I figure out how much mulch I will need?

Mini-Pine-Bark200Measure the width and length of an area you want to mulch in feet. Then multiply them to find the square feet of the area. Multiply the total area by how many inches you want the mulch.

For instance, if you want to mulch an area that is 600 square feet with 2 inches of mulch (600 x 2 =1200). Then divide the answer by 324, (since 1 cubic yard of mulch covers about 324 square feet 1 inch deep). The results will give you how many cubic yards of mulch you will need, 1200 / 324 = 3.7.

Rounding up, will need about 4 cubic yards of mulch. It can get a little complicated, especially if you are working with circular or odd shapes.

Just give the experts at Reliable Peat a call, they will be more than happy to figure out how much mulch you will need.

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