In last week’s blog, we talked about the benefits of the different types of bark pine mulch in Central Florida landscapes and gardens. But there are several other options when it comes to beautifying your yard, including:

Red and chocolate mulch has become a very popular option for that decorative pop. The color of the red mulch really provides a good contrast to light colored vegetation and trees.

Pea Rock gets its name because it is the size of a pea, from 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch. Pea gravel looks especially nice in herb gardens.

White River Rock is usually 1 inch in diameter. Great for brightening up a shady spot, creating dry creek beds, and help with drainage.

Marble Chips have a high end, luxurious feel and sparkle, generally used in high visible flower beds.

Small Brown River Rock is perfect for creating Florida friendly xeriscapes, these smooth pebbles have warm colors and help with weed control.

Cedar Bark Rock is a lightweight stone has the rich appearance of cedar bark. Very popular choice for landscapers because the natural appearance works well with many designs and it won’t decay.

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A very popular question was recently asked in the Orlando Sentinel, “Grass and weeds are growing around the base of our trees and I want to add mulch. Do I remove the unwanted grass and weeds before I add the mulch?”

Answer: Sometimes if the weeds are small, you can smother them out with a thick mulch. But it is normally better to remove the weeds and grass before adding a mulch layer. The weeds can be pulled, hoed or treated with herbicides that permit use near trees. Add a 2-3-inch mulch layer over the root system of your trees, but keep it 6 inches or more back from the trunks.

Mulches can be very beneficial by helping to keep the soil uniformly moist, aiding in re-wetting the planting site and controlling weeds.

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