Different types of mulch offer different benefits. They all suppress weeds, help keep moisture in the soil, help prevent erosion, and adds instant curb appeal to your landscape and garden.

Organic wood mulch such as pine bark, chocolate, red, and black mulch break down and add vital nutrients to the soil. Insects and microbes in the soil consume the mulch, the by-product is then incorporated back into the soil in the form of organic matter. 

A recent study done by K-State Research and Extension found organic mulch can improve tree and plant growth. 

Creating a mulch ring around a newly planted or young tree less than 10 years old is the single best practice that can be done once the tree is planted. Tree mulching provides so many benefits, most importantly increase growth. Research has proven that, over time, a mulch ring placed 3 to 6 feet around the tree can almost double the growth rate of the tree. 

Mulching decreases competition from the grass. Grass robs watering nutrients from the tree’s root development and delays its establishment.

A properly placed mulch ring helps conserve moisture and cools the soil aiding in root growth. Lastly, theater main advantage to mulch is it keeps our lawn mowers and weed whips away from the tender trunks. It is amazing how many landscape trees have been compromised by having chunks of bark knocked off in our zest to whack back every single blade of grass.

Inorganic mulch such as river rock, granite, seminole chip, cedar bark rock, lime stone, and pea rock are great for keeping weeds at bay. Because they are heavy, they are better at preventing soil erosion 

Inorganic mulch does not break down, therefore it doesn’t have to be replaced like organic mulch. Which means there isn’t as much maintenance, just one application and it’s done. While the initial cost may be slightly higher than organic mulch, since you won’t have to replace them, they are less expensive in the end.

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