Drainage and water issues are a big deal here in Central Florida, bark mulch and stones are a great solution! The torrential downpours can wreak havoc on our landscape. Now is the time to fine tune your water runoff, before the rainy season starts. 

French Drains

There is nothing worse for a foundation than water logged soil. Large amounts of rain in flower beds around a home can cause erosion, provide a place for mosquitoes to breed, and plant material can struggle to survive. Positive drainage away from your home. The mulch or stone should slope downward away from the foundation. French drains are used to channel water away from a building. Essentially a trench is dug and PVC pipe is installed, which is then covered with stones. 

Manage Runoff By Building Up Swales

Low lying parts of the yard that often stays wet are called swales. They tend to be shallow. To improve drainage homeowners can fill this area with decorative stones to create a focal point.

Divert Water Runoff With River Rocks

 Pebbles and river rock are a great solution for surface water. Just dig a trench a couple of inches deep and line it with the rocks. 

Protect Trees And Shrubs 

Maintaining the appropriate level of water can be especially difficult in Central Florida. Either it is too much rain or too little. An application of mulch will help retain a healthy layer of moisture. This is also great for gardens and flower beds. Organic bark mulch allows better drainage but also encourages earthworm activity and slowly release important nutrients. 

Mulch Is Key To Successful Drainage

Drainage and water runoff problems can be detrimental, organic bark mulch and stones provide great solutions. Reliable Peat provided quality materials for your landscaping needs. Our products are available for pickup or delivery. 

Now is the perfect time (while it’s still cool outside) to get outside and work on those landscape projects and to take advantage of our special, take 10% off any bulk orders over 6 yards.

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