There is no doubt, there are many benefits for using mulch in your Central Florida landscape. But that still leaves the questions, what type of mulch to use and where to buy it.

You can purchase bagged mulch from just about everywhere. From the big box store to the grocery and gas station. But is mulch the same no matter where you get it from? The answer is no. The quality, where it came from, how old it is, and how long it’s been sitting there, can all compromise mulch.

Don’t Let All Your Hard Work or Money Go To Waste

Why is purchasing mulch in bulk is better than by the bag

Save Money

Red-Mulch600The biggest reason to purchase mulch in bulk is to save money. Typically it will end up costing half as much if you purchase in bulk, compared to individual bags at the store. Even small projects will end up saving you money.

Higher Quality

First, when you buy bags of mulch, you never really know what’s in it. It can be wet, moldy, and not what you were looking for. Though the packaging may look good, it can be difficult to see inside the bag. Vendors typically put lower quality in bags just for this reason.

Environmentally Friendly

Depending on how much mulch you need, the bags really add up. For instance the average project uses about 10 yards of mulch. That’s 140 bags of heavy plastic going into the trash! There isn’t any bags with bulk mulch, and typically the mulch is less processed.

A Lot Less Work

Instead of going to the store and lugging the bags onto the cart, then into your car, then out of the car, cutting them open, and then spreading them in your landscape. Bulk mulch is usually delivered  to you, which mean you just have to spread it in your yard, that’s it!

Help the Local Economy

Buying in bulk means helping the local economy and great helpful service. They know where the product comes from and ensures the quality. They truly care about their customers and helping them get the project done right.

Reliable Peat makes improving your landscape easy! Don’t forget to take advantage of our special, 10% off all bulk orders over 6 yards.

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