Black mulch is quickly growing in popularity, especially here in Central Florida. It really makes a statement in your landscape or garden, and sets your home apart from the rest. 

Black mulch is used to accent your plants, trees, shrubs, flower beds, garden, play areas, and walking paths. 

Mulch is a wise investment 

A layer of mulch placed over the soil has a variety of benefits. They help prevent weeds, holds in moisture, and insulates the soil from extreme heat, while it slowly breaks down, it adds vital nutrients into the soil.

Black mulch as the added benefits of allowing water to be defused evenly. This allows moisture to reach every part of the soil. The rich color adds an aesthetic beauty, just imagine beautiful greens and colored flowers pop against the dark background.

According to Living The Green, black mulch:

  1. Minimizes nutrient leaching by shedding excessive rainfall.
  2. Helps keep the edible portion of vegetable crops clean, especially pumpkin and other fruiting vegetables.
  3. Helps to prevent the transference of soil borne diseases from being splashed up onto the plant.

“I have found black mulch to be invaluable in our home garden AND our Community Garden. We’ve grown tomatoes with and without it and the mulch makes a huge difference in what the fruit looks like and how much we get.  It’s a true garden help.”

Why choose Reliable Peat?

At Reliable Peat we care about the environment. Our black mulch is safe and has a distinctive color that allows for an eye catching landscape or garden. The beautiful color of our black mulch will hold firm throughout the seasons. 

Reliable Peat makes mulching easy. We offer quality mulch at an affordable price, as well as a convenient delivery service. Don’t forget to take advantage of our sale prices, take 10% off any bulk order over 6 yards. 

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