The MVP (Most Valuable Player), of your Central Florida Landscape is definitely mulch. Not only does it add beauty to your property, it protects your plants by insulating them from the scorching heat, maintains a healthy level of moisture in the soil, and adds vital nutrients into the soil. 

If you’re one of the thousands of Floridian’s that have plans to freshen up your landscape this year, the big question many of them have, What is better, purchase mulch by bag or bulk?

While big box stores (and even the smaller garden stores) tend to offer what seems like a great deal on bagged mulch, such as 5 for $10. But is it really a bargain? 

To have all the mulch you need for your project brought to your home at one time is definitely convenient. Instead of driving to the store and buying multiple bag, hauling them to your car, then to your yard, is a lot of work. A waste of time, strain on your muscles, and getting your car dirty, are just a few reasons why purchasing mulch in bulk is better. 

The Cost 

When buying mulch in bulk, keep in mind it is in cubic yards, while bags are in cubic yards. For instance, bags of mulch usually come in 2 or 3 cubic feet. To cover one cubic yard, you will need 13.5 bags. Just imagine lugging all those bags, or instead just have it delivered right to your home.

If you do the math, you would find the cost of bagged mulch is almost double that of bulk. And in some cases it cost even more!! Depending on the size of your project, the savings can really add up. 

Reliable Peat MVP

Check back with us next week for more reasons why mulch wins the MVP landscape award. Until then, stop by one of our shops, 14909 W.Colonial in Winter Garden: 407-656-9766  and 26744 CR 33, in Groveland: 352-326-5432, and take a good look at our mulch and really see and smell the difference.

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