There are many benefits to adding bark mulch, stones, or rocks to your landscape and garden. Not only does it add beautiful texture, they also help control weeds, retain moisture in the soil, and add vital nutrients to the soil. 

At Reliable Peat, we offer premium mulch, stones, and rocks in bulk for homeowners in Central Florida. To further assist our customers, we offer deliver. 

Mulching during the cooler months helps protects your landscape perennials, bushes, and trees.

When the temperatures dip down, delicate plant roots can become vulnerable and even damaged. Mulch helps regulate the temperature of the soil and provide valuable nutrients that help plants through until the weather warms up. 

Avoid applying too much mulch in one place

Unfortunately, too much mulch can be damaging to plants and trees. Not only can it smother roots, it can cause fungal growth around tree trunks. 

For the best results, apply 3 inches of mulch and leave a ring, similar to a donut shape around tree trunks. 

Colored mulch can enhance the beauty of your landscape 

Bark mulch and stones come in a variety of colors, such as crimson red and black. They are a great way to create a gorgeous landscape design without compromising the health of your plants and trees.

A reputable mulch supplier is the best place to purchase mulch 

Though it may be easy to buy bagged mulch from a big box store, the quality of the mulch can be compromised. You don’t know how long the mulch has been sitting in the bag, if there is any debris or toxic chemicals. At Reliable Peat we have the freshest and highest quality mulch. You can come out to one of our two locations to feel and smell how fresh it is. We sell our mulch and stones in bulk, cutting down on waste.

If you have any questions, our friendly customer care team is here to help


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