With all the talk about water conservation and the cost of water rising, makes many Central Florida homeowners wondering how they can reduce their water use in their landscape and garden. Applying mulch is one of the best ways you can conserve water outside and protect your investment.

Mulch retains moisture, protecting the roots from the intense heat, prevents soil erosion, and suppresses weeds. This means you will save both time and money, you won’t have to water or weed as often.

You’ve decided to mulch, but know you’re asking what mulch is best?

Organic Pine Mulch

Pine mulch is the most economical and easiest of the mulches. It comes in several sizes and textures, fine, mini, large bark, as well as chocolate, cypress, and red mulch. As organic mulch decomposes it releases nutrients into the soil, insulates plants, protecting them from harsh weather conditions, and it retains moisture so you don’t have to water quite as often.

Stone Mulch

There are many types of stone mulch to make your landscape stand out, white river rock, marble chips, pea rock, cedar bark rock, seminole chips, and crushed concrete. Rocks can keep the soil from washing away in Central Florida’s torrential rains, it can also help direct all that rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Organic mulch can help the soil retain moisture, while enhancing top soil. Though traditional mulch needs replacing every few years, it also creates a healthy environment for plants by adding essential nutrients to the soil.

Reliable Peat offers the best quality, a premium not often found in bag mulch from big box stores. If you have any doubts, just look at the mulch itself. When you walk up to a pile of bulk mulch you can clearly physically see and even smell the quality. While bag mulch is a different story. It is hiding behind labels and logos. Often times it is wet and moldy, or even a different color than you were expecting.

With a strong reputation of having the most quality mulches and soil, Reliable Peat has supplied Florida’s nurseries and residential home owners, for over 35 years. We have both topsoil and gardener’s special organic, along with other soils to suit your needs.

Contact Reliable Peat for great prices on mulch and soil.

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