Mulch is a beautiful addition to any Central Florida landscape, from bark, wood chips, to stones and rocks, all can reduce your time watering and weeding, while helping your plants overcome the impact of environmental challenges. Mulch acts as a protective layer when spread over the surface of the soil.

Organic bark mulch and stones create, enticing curb appeal and amazing gardens, and turn a plain backyard into a warm and inviting oasis.

Why Should You Use Mulch? Here Are 10 Amazing Benefits of Mulch

  1. Save money on pest control. Mulch can make your landscape and garden more resistant to diseases and pests by adding organic matter to the soil.
  2. Save time and money by not watering as much. Mulch retains moisture and prevents evaporation Research shows mulch can actually retain 70% more water than soil that has not been mulched.
  3. Save money on fertilizers. Organic mulch slowly releases valuable nutrients.
  4. Protects young delicate plants from the excessive sunlight.
  5. Save time, money and help the environment by not applying chemicals to kill the weeds. Mulch also blocks sunlight, so weeds can’t grow.
  6. Mulch can make your landscape and garden visually appealing!
  7. Improves soil drainage and prevents erosion, it also helps to bind sandy soil.
  8. Prevents valuable nutrients from leaching out of the soil.
  9. Mulch insulates the soil, which means it keeps the plant roots cool during our extremely hot summers and warm during the winter months.
  10. Organic mulch breaks down and provides plants with micro-organisms and supplies food for earthworms.

Mulch is also easy on the budget if you take advantage of Reliable Peat’s mulch sale, save 10% on bulk order over 6 Yards! Contact Reliable Peat for more information.

It is very important to use quality mulch. Purchasing mulch from an unreliable source can cause all your hard work to go to waste. For instance, if the bag of mulch you purchased at the big box store had noxious seeds, you could be spending the rest of the season pulling weeds and trying to repair the damages instead of admiring your beautiful landscape.

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