The most exciting part of your Central Florida’s landscape or garden may not be the mulch, but it definitely plays a huge role. Not only does it create beautiful aesthetics, mulch also reduces weeds, boost soil health, and conserves moisture in the soil. In fact, mulch is a gardener’s best friend, it can easily create a professional landscaped feel and enhance the style of your home. 

How Can Mulch Enhance Your Landscape And Garden 

Outlining Hardscapes and Stone Features 

The latest trend in modern landscapes are using mulch to outline large rock, pieces of slabs, and stones. Accentuating Hardscapes makes them stand out. Light colored stone path against rich, black mulch, leading to a water feature or garden makes a beautiful focal point. As well as, large stepping stones, surrounded by a chocolate mulch pathway leading to your home is a very stylish statement. 

Brings Features Together With A Natural Backdrop

Stand alone features in your landscape can seem disjointed or like they don’t fit together. Mulch can make all the difference. Applying mulch around the different elements, water features, seating areas, flower beds, and trees will make it feel like a cohesive plan, bringing the elements together. 

Improve Curb Appeal

Mulch adds aesthetics to your home, making it stand out and adding value. The contrast of dark color mulch with a light color house is very appealing. As well as, light color mulch with beautiful green and colorful flowers, really stands out. 

Frame Out Your Landscape 

Similar to bringing features together, mulch can be used to separate features and act as a picture frame. Defined mulch borders will give features their own identity and an organized feel.

Prevent Pooling Of Water 

Mulch is also functional, preventing erosion and water from pooling in your landscape. Raising a low area and encouraging water to flow away from your home.

Save Money by Purchasing Both Organic Mulch and Rock in Bulk

Which ever mulch you choose, organic bark or rocks, to spruce up your landscaping this spring, make sure it is a good quality at an affordable price. For a limited time Reliable Peat is offering 10% off all bulk orders over 6 yards! Contact us today for more information.

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