Want a maintenance free and budget friendly Central Florida landscaping? Whether you have a small yard, a slope that is difficult to mow, or looking for that landscaping feature that makes your home stand out from the rest, a beautiful rock garden is the answer.

Spend Less Time on Your Yard

“With stones and a gravel mulch you can make a very beautiful landscape that you are not going to have to mow and that would be very water-wise,” says Joseph Tychonievich, a lifelong gardener and plant lover whom Organic Gardening magazine recently named one of “six young horticulturists who are helping to shape how America gardens.”

Excellent Curb Appeal, Low Maintenance Landscape, and Add Value to Your Home

Rock gardens are great for both shady and sunny areas. Perfect for adding curb appeal and value to your home. Succulents sic as Agava, Stonecrop, and Sedum, are easy to grow and love both full and partial sun. Since they store water, they don’t need much irrigation.

Just add a layer of stone mulch and they will need very little maintenance. Which means they stay beautiful and you haven’t spend countless hours working on your landscape.

Herbs also love to be surrounded by stones. A garden with Rosemary, Cilantro, Basil, and Dill, make an attractive and aromatic addition next to the kitchen. No need to worry about weeds or harmful herbicides.

Stone, rocks, and organic mulch work well throughout the landscaping and walking paths. Excellent for retaining moisture and keeping weeds from sprouting. Giving your home a feeling of continuity, adding to the appeal and visual interest.

Creating low maintenance gardens and landscape will help free up your time for better things.  Just choose the type of mulch you want, determine how much you will need, and give Reliable Peat a call and we can deliver it to your home. It’s as simple as that!

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