Mulching is very important here in Central Florida. Not only does it make your landscape look amazing, it also has several benefits, especially around trees. Including insulating the roots against the extreme heat, provides protection from animals, pests, and damages from the lawn mower, as well as reduce weed growth.

As a renowned supplier of quality mulch, Reliable Peat receives many questions about how to properly mulch.

Many people ask if there is any way they harm their trees or plants by mulching improperly?

Though there are many advantages to mulching, the fact is, mulching to much can harm and even kill a tree or plant. Causing rotting, suffocation, or cutting through the bark all around the tree. It can also encourage the growth of fungus, leading to an insect infestation.

Directions for properly mulching trees

First, make sure you order a quality mulch from a reputable company. Starting out with mulch littered with weed seeds or toxins, will end up causing harm to your tree.  Reliable Peat will deliver and give you 10% off orders over 6 yards.

To get rid of any pests and prevent the growth of fungus, remove any old mulch around the tree.

Also, remove any debris such as fallen branches, leaves, and weeds. Try and make the surface around the tree as even as possible.

Apply mulch evenly around the tree, make sure you keep it at least 12 inches away from a mature tree trunk and 6 inches away from a younger tree.

Never create a tree volcano or allow the mulch to touch the trunk of a tree. “Unfortunately, many landscapes are falling victim to a plague of overmulching. “Mulch volcanoes” are excessive piles of mulch materials applied around the base of trees. While organic mulches must be replenished over time, buildup can occur if reapplication outpaces decomposition or if new material is added simply to refresh color. Deep mulch can be effective in suppressing weeds and reducing main- tenance, but it often causes additional problems,” Trees Are Good.

An ideal condition is a donut shape whole, with the mulch between 2 to 4 inches deep. If the soil is dry, water the mulch.

If you have any mulch or soil questions, contact Reliable Peat.

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