Spring is a great time to get outside and start making the landscape and garden look beautiful. While there was over 117 million Americans who participated in some type of gardening activity last spring, a good number of them neglected the health of their soil. And were greatly disappointed when plants didn’t grow like they had intended.

Quality bark mulch is the key to healthy soil and a beautiful landscape/garden

Enrich the soil with essential nutrients

A quality mulch will slowly break down and release nutrients back into the soil, making a healthy and productive environment for plants. Choose your mulch carefully, they’re not all created equally. While some encourage productivity in plants, others can release harmful chemicals and toxins.

Give seeds a great start to life

Seeds are vulnerable, from the time they are planted, till they become established plants. They can become susceptible to strong rain, wildlife, and wind. Mulch supports the seedlings and protecting them from environmental conditions.

Regulate moisture levels in the soil

Mulch helps protect the soil from drying out. Which not only saves you time because you won’t have to water the plants as often, it also saves you money, because your water bill won’t be so high.

Maintain a healthy soil temperature

There is no arguing, it can get pretty hot here in Central Florida. Mulch acts as insulation to keep the plant’s roots cool in the intense heat, and warm in the cooler months.

Keep weeds at bay

Who really likes pulling weeds? A good layer of quality mulch will suppress weeds from growing.

Reduce soil erosion

Our severe thunderstorms and wind can wreak havoc on our soil. Stripping it away and leaving our plants defenseless. Mulch can help prevent this erosion.

Not all mulches are the same

Choosing a quality mulch from a quality supplier can make all the difference in your landscape and garden. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste because you chose a mulch with hazardous chemical, toxins, or weed seeds.

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