True, there is a lot of information from arborist and horticulturist about mulch. What type of mulch to use, organic or inorganic such as stones and gravel, why to use mulch, how much mulch to use, and even when to mulch. Here in Central Florida, mulch is a staple in just about every landscaping. Though it may not be rocket science, I have seen my fair share of mulch projects that could have used a little more attention.

Mulch can be bought just about anywhere, but not all mulch is the same. The first step to a great looking landscape is quality mulch. Finding a reputable source may take some research and bypassing the big box stores. Just because it is convenient, doesn’t make it the best source.

Often times, the best place to purchase garden material is somewhere who specializes in mulch and soil. They can help you decide what type of mulch is best for your project and how much you will need.  If you are looking for convenience, ask them to have it delivered to your home.

The next big question is ‘when is the best time to mulch?’. A recent article in State by State Gardening, gives the answer for our environment.

Anytime is fine to apply mulch, but most landscapers apply it in the spring or fall every year. Make sure if you apply new mulch every year that the depth never exceeds 3 to 4 inches on woody plants and 1 to 2 inches on perennials or annuals. You can often just fluff up last year’s mulch to make it look good, or even apply a thin layer to the old mulch to “spruce” it up.

You need enough mulch to help prevent weeds, moderate soil temperatures, hold in moisture, prevent erosion and of course, to look good. A proper application of mulch in the fall can help minimize heaving of newly planted perennials.

Remember mulch is a tool, and if used properly can be a part of developing a sustainable, water-wise landscape.

The weather is cooler, it’s a great time to spruce up your home for the holidays and parties you may be hosting. Best of all, you can save money by taking advantage of Reliable Peat’s great special, 10% off all bulk orders over 6 yards.

If you are in Orange, Lake, Osceola, Seminole, or even Volusia County, give Reliable Peat a call 407-656-9766 or 352-326-5432 or come by our Winter Garden or Groveland locations.

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