After talking with my neighbor a couple of weeks ago, she convinced me to mulch my landscape. It didn’t take much convincing after she told me all the benefits mulch offered. Reducing the growth of weeds, meant she spent less time doing yard work. It also cut her water bill by a third and it made her yard look amazing. 

So, the next weekend my husband and I headed down to the big box store to pick up some mulch. There were several types of mulch to choose from, we weren’t sure which kind to choose. We asked a sales clerk, but, they weren’t much help. 

We ended up getting a few bags of medium bark mulch. After we hauled them to the car, then from the car to the yard, we were almost too tired to open the mulch and spread it in the flower beds. 

Once we opened the bags, we noticed an odd odor. Kinda moldy, we weren’t sure this was normal. After spreading it around, we noticed it didn’t look as good as our neighbors. So, I finally went back over to ask her where she got her mulch. She told how easy Reliable Peat made the whole process. 

She just called Reliable Peat. They asked what she was going to use the mulch for and suggested which type would be best for her landscape. They delivered the mulch to her house the very next day! 

She didn’t have to carry any heavy bags and the mulch smelled fresh and healthy. She just spread the mulch 3 inches throughout her flower beds, shrubs, trees, and walkway. To top it off, there weren’t all those empty bags to dispose of, reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the garbage. 

That’s all I needed to know, I called Reliable Peat that same day. My landscape has never looked so good and it ended up costing me less than going to the big box store.

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