Lets face it, mulch makes a huge difference. It can turn a blah, average looking yard into a professional looking manicured landscape. With all the varieties and colors on the market today, it is easy to transform a once lifeless outdoor space into a relaxing retreat.

Mulch is typically used to put between plants. Blending in with the landscape while the plants stand out and take center stage. But todays mulch comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures, Playing a key role in the latest trends and landscape designs.

Instead of choosing the same mulch year after year or what seems the most popular, take a few minutes to consider what will look best in your property.

If you have a more contemporary or modern home, a darker color such as a chocolate mulch.

A rich brown pine mulch looks great on a red brick home.

If your home and outdoor space has warm tones, golds, terra cotta, red mulch also looks great.

Red or a dark colored mulch also makes a beautiful backdrop for white flowers.

Large pine bark is ideal for flat properties. Since they don’t break down as quickly as shredded pine bark, it won’t have to be replaced as often.

But if you’re looking for a mulch you don’t have to replace, try landscape rocks. They also come in some great colors.

Cedar bark rock has beautiful bright red tones that don’t easily fade in Central Florida’s sun.

Timberlite rocks have warm tan tones and can make your property stand out on the block.

If you have a modern or contemporary home, marble chips and granite are a great option and really makes greenery pop.

While river rock has warmer tones that lend to a resort type feel.

There are a wide assortment of stone and organic mulch on today’s market. Purchasing any type of mulch bulk is less expensive than by the bag. As a leader in the industry, the experts at Reliable Peat can answer any questions for your next landscape project.

Reliable Peat also has an affordable delivery service, contact us for more information on our products.

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