Now is the time to mulch for beautiful, healthy plants this spring. Though many of us only think about mulching when the weather is warmer, it is just as important in the cooler months. It is also an easier time to mulch, no fighting the mosquitos or suffering in the sweltering heat.

Mulch is an easy way to improve your landscape 

Mulch can be thought of as a blanket for your plants and ornamental trees. Creating a barrier from the cold weather, insulating and protecting the roots. Mulch also retains moisture, reduces weed germination, retains moisture, and makes your landscaping look amazing with a clean uniform appearance.

Pine Bark Mulch: A very versatile and economical ground cover. An attractive material for flower beds, shrubs, trees, playgrounds, and walkways.  It doesn’t blow away and serves as a soil conditioner.

Red Mulch: The natural red color adds visual interest. It is nontoxic to plants, animals, and people.

Mulch and ground cover is an easy way to add value to your home

Whether it is river rock, granite, or even crushed concrete, inorganic mulch is an attractive way to beautify your property. It also creates a low maintenance landscape.

How much mulch will you need?

First, determine the size of the area you want mulched. Measure the width and length in feet, then multiply them together to find the area in square feet.

Second, calculate how deep you want the mulch. Most garden, walkways, and flowerbeds are typically 3 inches in depth to suppress weed growth. Then multiply the area in square feet by the depth in inches. For example, if the square footage is 500 and you want it 3 inches deep, 500 x 3 = 1500

Third, divide the answer by 324 (since a single cubic yard of mulch will cover 324 square feet of ground that is one inch deep). Then round to the nearest whole number, 1500 / 324 = 5 cubic yards of mulch. You can also visit the mulch calculator at Stop Waste.   It may also depend on what type of mulch you purchase.

Reliable Peat is a one stop shop for all your mulch and soil needs.  We also deliver for your convince.

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