Now is the time to take your landscaping to the next level!  We live in the ‘City Beautiful’ because of the gorgeous tropical environment. Just a few updates can really make a difference. 

Landscape Organic Mulch, Stones, and Rocks 

A well manicured landscape creates a relaxed and inviting environment. From the moment you arrive home and see your front yard, to stepping outside your back door, decorative rocks and mulch are an affordable way to make your property amazing.

Decorative rocks are a growing trend. They come in a variety of styles, making it easy to add a touch of color to your property, lower maintenance, improve drainage, and suppress weeds.

Beautiful Walkways

Granite and marble chips create a luxurious path to a patio or sitting area. They won’t get washed away in the rain and the vibrant green from the shrubs and grass against the white stones looks amazing. 

“Another advantage is that pale-colored stones provide striking contrast against deep-colored foliage and help brighten up shady corners of your landscape.” HGTV

River rocks have natural earthy hues of tan, white, brown and red. They are perfect for creating a walkway, river bed, flower or rock garden, and great for a children’s play area because they are easy to walk on. 

Stones help plants stay cool in our hot environment and adds an aesthetic appeal. Using gravel as mulch keeps keep the soil moist so you won’t have to water as much and gives a finished look to your landscaping.

“Natural stone is one of the most versatile elements available for a landscape makeover. Rocks add texture and contrast, serve as a durable groundcover and require little or no maintenance,” HGTV.

For something a little different and creative, Cedar Bark Rock is a great choice. with a variety of sizes and depth of color, they are generally dark red and black in color. They are ideal for landscape projects and drainage issues.

Rocks and stones create a natural feel, they are a durable ground cover and can add rich texture to the landscape. Low maintenance plants and rocks create a sustainable and harmonious environment that also saves time, money, and energy.

To calculate how many square feet of stones you will need, just measure the square feet of your landscape project. Then multiply this number by the depth of stone you plan to use. This will give you the number of cubic feet you will need. Or just call the professionals at Reliable Peat.

• 1 cubic yard covers approximately 108 sq. ft. at 3″ thick.

• 1 cubic yard covers approximately 81 sq. ft. at 4″ thick.

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