Mulch is simply amazing! Not only does it add valuable curb appeal to your Central Florida yard, it helps make your plants grow.

Gardeners have found the magic of mulch can make their flowers and vegetables healthier and more productive.

It’s just like in a forest, trees shed their leaves, which fall down to the forest floor, they break down and release vital nutrients into the soil, the trees use this nourishment to grow tall and healthy.

Colorful flower garden“Most organic gardeners find that following nature’s patterns serves them well. When it comes to building richer soil, nature’s plan relies heavily on trees — fallen limbs, leaves, cones, seeds and, eventually, the massive trunks. Adapting this plan for building garden soil by using a wood mulch — such as wood chips, sawdust or other woody residues — is a strategy that promises huge, long-term returns,” according to an article in, DIY Gardening & Better Living, ‘Building Garden Soil With Wood Mulch’.

“Field studies dating back to the 1950s — and as recent as this year — suggest that a high-fiber diet of woody materials is exactly what many soils need. Rotted bits of wood persist as organic matter for a long time, enhancing the soil’s ability to retain nutrients and moisture, which results in bigger, better crops.”

Organic mulch in the garden and flower bed works the same way. Releasing valuable nutrients in the soil. So they can go strong and healthy, able to ward off disease and pests. While growing beautiful flowers and producing tasty fruits and vegetables.

Other benefits of mulch include, absorbs water and keeps the soil moist, reducing the need for watering as much. Keeps the roots cool in our hot summers and warm on our cold nights. It keeps the wind from blowing away the top soil. It also discourages weeds from sprouting, which means less time pulling weeds!

There are many different types of mulch on the market today it can be difficult to decide which kind to use and where to purchase it from.  Make sure it is fresh and free from chemicals.   Feel free to stop by Reliable Peat’s Ocoee or Winter Garden locations, and check out several different types of mulch before you choose.  Our skilled staff will walk you through and can help you decide based on your needs.

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