Chemical weed prevention has recently come under fire, so how do we win the war? Spring and summer here in Central Florida are known for the rain and sun,  which create the perfect conditions for weeds. They can pop up just about anywhere, but controlling them with one of the chemical solutions on the market can have detrimental effects on both the homeowner and the environment. 

What is the best mulch for weed prevention? Pine Mulch vs Rocks

The health of your landscape or garden can be greatly diminished because of weeds, but who has time to go out and spend hours pulling them? Mulch is one of the easiest way to control weeds both in the landscape and garden.

How does mulch prevent weeds?

A good application of mulch prevents the sunlight from reaching weed seeds that are in the soil. Mulch also prevents new weed seeds from reaching the soil, which is necessary for them to flourish. More than just a ground cover, mulch suppresses weed growth and allows your plants to flourish.

Mulch also protects your plants by keeping the roots cool during the hot summer and warm during the cool nights. Mulch also provides valuable nutrients, retain moisture, and prevents erosion. 

Mulch needs to be applied about 3 inches thick, any less and light can reach the weed seeds and any more can deprive the soil of oxygen.

Bark mulch and rocks come in a variety of sizes and colors, to give your landscape that attractive professional feel. 

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