Whether you live in Orlando, Winter Garden or Lake County, mulch can be a Gardener’s best friend. Less weeds to pull and less watering, all while improving the quality of your soil. As one of the most versatile tools a gardener has, it can be difficult to transport bags of mulch from the store, in the car and to your yard. Reliable Peat has made it easier and more affordable! Buying mulch in bulk and having it delivered to your home, turns out, is less expensive than all those bags, a lot more convenient and better quality mulch!

Flowers in the garden.Weed Control: Reduce the time you spend weeding. Dominating the plant world, weeds rule for three reasons.

1) When exposed to light, weed seeds are easily germinated.
2) The average garden soil is packed with these types of seeds.
3) Weeds are able to survive and even flourish under very difficult conditions.

Weeds are very aggressive, competing with plants for water, nutrients, and sunlight. Mulch stops weeds in their tracks, by blocking sunlight not giving weeds a chance to germinate.

Water Conservation: Water is easily absorbed in the porous mulch membranes. Soil can quickly lose moisture, mulch acts as a buffer reducing evaporation. Plants absorb water during the day through their roots to process nutrients. Mulch reduces water usage and encourages healthy plants.

Soil Enrichment: The cornerstone to a vibrant and thriving plant is healthy soil. Mulch plays a valuable role in fostering a number of plant partnerships, increase productivity and encouraging diversity in the soil.

Prevent Soil Erosion: Our torrential downpours and high winds can mean loosing valuable topsoil, while our record breaking heat can kill necessary microbes. A layer of mulch can lessen erosion and allow beneficial microbes to thrive.

Moderate Soil Temperature: Our extreme heat can burn fragile plant tissue and roots lying close to the surface. Mulch acts as an insulator, minimizing fluctuations in the soil temperature. Instead of using resources to repair the damage, plants can use them to grow.

Our service, reliability, consistency and quality are what distinguishes Reliable Peat from the rest, contact us today!

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