Mulch is a very important part of the. “Nine Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping”. Whether you want to boost the curb appeal of your home, a solution for an area where nothing will grow, mask problem areas, a soft landing under playground equipment, create a walkway or outdoor area, mulch is the answer.

Mulch is very effective at suppressing and controlling weeds, reduces the demand for irrigation by retaining moisture in the soil, prevents erosion, improves soil fertility, moderates the temperature in the soil, and reduces the need for fertilizer by adding organic matter to the soil.

But not all mulch is created equal. The fact is, you can find bagged mulch just about everywhere, lesser quality mulch can contain construction debris, weed seeds, and even hazardous chemicals. 

Our goal at Reliable Peat is to offer the highest quality products at the best price. We pride ourselves on top customer service and look forward to serving you. For a limited time we are offering 10% off all bulk orders over 6 yards.

Purchasing mulch in bulk is also better for the environment. It would take 140 bags just to cover 10 yards of mulch. That’s 140 bags you have to carry, heavy plastic to cut open, empty, and then having to dispose of all those bags.

Whether it is a simple landscaping project or a major overhaul, organic mulch and rocks by bulk is easy and affordable. Contact Reliable Peat to order your mulch today.

Nine Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Right Plant, Right Place – Enjoy healthier plants and reduce work by using plants suited to your landscape conditions

Water Efficiently – Reduce water bills, pest problems, and maintenance needs

Fertilize Appropriately – Prevent pollution and maximize plant health

MULCH – Keep moisture in the soil, help control weeds, and reduce stormwater runoff

Attract Wildlife – Bring your yard to life by providing water, food, and shelter for birds, butterflies, and other creatures

Manage Yard Pests Responsibly – Create an effective defense against pests while minimizing your impact on the environment

Recycle Yard Waste – Re-use your yard waste to save money and enrich your soil

Reduce Stormwater Runoff – Filter rain through your landscape to protect waterways and replenish the aquifer

Protect the Waterfront – Help preserve Florida’s waterways, plants, and wildlife

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