Whether it’s organic mulch such as bark or inorganic mulch such as rock and stone, now is the time to upgrade your Central Florida landscaping and yard. Mulch is functional and adds to the attractiveness of your home. Mulch also regulates the soil temperature, acting as an insulator as the cooler weather sets in. Mulch allows plants to establish deep roots and grow productive, healthy plants.

Solutions for Florida Friendly Gardening by the University of Florida explains,

Contact Reliable Peat CompanyInorganic mulches can be made from a range of materials including whole or crushed rocks. Like traditional organic mulches, they offer several benefits to gardeners. They help prevent weeds from sprouting, retain moisture in the soil, and keep soil temperatures cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
Because inorganic mulches don’t break down the way organic mulches do, they don’t need to be replenished regularly. But they also won’t provide plants with helpful nutrients the way organic mulches do.

Driveways and mulched paths are some of the best places to use inorganic mulches. Be sure to put down a layer of permeable landscape cloth to prevent the mulch from sinking into our sandy soils.

Organic mulch includes Pine bark, cypress, chocolate, and red mulch

Pine bark mulch adds a professional look to your landscape. As it breaks down it adds acidity to the soil. Many plants thrive in this type of environment such as begonias, azaleas, caladiums, and gardenias. It is also lightweight and should not be applied where water can wash it away.

Cypress mulch is very popular for the beautiful aroma, deterring insects, and retaining its color. It gives landscapes a nice finished look and prevents weed growth. Cypress is also heavier than other mulches and doesn’t wash away as easily, it also won’t need to be reapplied as often.

Looking for a pop of color, red and chocolate mulch have an intense color, providing a good contrast for light colored vegetation and trees.

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