Plants and trees are what makes your Central Florida landscape look great! Not only beautiful, they increase the value of your home and trees provide shade, which keeps your home cooler and cut down on your electric usage. 

While there are many benefits to an attractive landscape, it is important to keep it healthy.  An unhealthy tree can become a danger to your family and home. Diseased trees typically need to be removed, which can be pretty costly.

Mulch is the easiest way to keep plants and trees healthy

Provides Protection 

Pine bark and stones act as a buffer from the elements.  Insulting the roots against extreme heat and cold. Moderating the temperature allows the roots to grow healthy and strong. Which helps keep the tree in place during strong winds. 

Central Florida’s thunderstorms, rain, wind, and even the irrigation system can leave your soil and plants susceptible to erosion. Healthy plants need valuable nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus to thrive. Erosion depletes the soil of vital nutrients.

Not only is organic mulch an easy way to prevent soil from erosion, as it breaks down it supplies the soil with beneficial nutrients.

Mulch Blocks Weed Germination 

Weeds are very aggressive, competing with plants for water, nutrients, and sunlight. Pulling them is not only time consuming, it can be exhausting. Whether its stone or organic mulch, weed seeds will be blocked from the sunlight and won’t be able to germinate. Leaving you more time to enjoy your beautiful landscape and garden.

Maintains Moisture

Water is just as important as the nutrients in the soil. A tree’s roots are responsible for providing water to every branch and leaf of the tree. Mulch prevents our Central Florida sun from evaporating the moisture. Mulch reduces irrigation, saves water, and time.

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