If you’ve ever had a question about your Central Florida landscape or yard, Reliable Peat is the place to go. Many residents around town call us with mulch and soil questions, and we are happy to help.  One inquiry we’ve received lately is, Are Bugs Attracted to Mulch?  

Many of our customers choose to use stones and rocks in their landscape because they are afraid organic mulch will attract bugs into their yard. 

Both organic pine mulch and stones offer many benefits to a landscape and garden. From a professional manicured look to surprising weeds and retaining moisture. 

The fact is, insects are not attracted to the mulch itself. But it may furnish a friendly environment for the bugs already in the yard. 

Many insects are beneficial to your landscape

Insects are a very important part of a Florida Friendly landscape.“Beneficials pollinate plants, contribute to the decay of organic matter, and attack other insects and mites that are considered to be pests. They can do a lot for a garden, and attracting and safeguarding them will help your landscape thrive,” University of Florida, Gardening Solutions. 

The ladybug and Lacewings are both advantageous, eating other insect, such as aphids and other pests, that feed on our plants. Earwigs, centipedes and sow bugs are other insects that are frequently found in mulch. They eat fungi and decaying plants, which helps plants by contributing vital nutrients to the soil. 

It is important not to over mulch, 5 to 6 inches, this can create a moist environment that encourages insect activity.  An application of about 3 inches of mulch won’t provide sufficient moisture to escalate the population of insects. 

You may want to leave a space between the foundation of your home and mulch, about a foot. This can deter any insects from gaining entry into your house.

If you have any mulch, soil, or landscape questions, call Reliable Peat or stop by one of our locations, Winter Garden or Lake county locations, to see our large selection of organic and inorganic mulches.  are happy to help.

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