The secret to a beautiful landscape or thriving garden? Mulch! Now that the weather is cooling down, it is time to give our plants a little love. 

Not only does mulch make your home and garden visually appealing, it also has a number of benefits. 

Benefit #1

Mulch creates a healthy barrier between your plant’s roots and the elements that threaten them. It allows irrigation and rain water to slowly seep through to the soil, while reducing water loss due to evaporation.  Not only does this conserve our precious resource, it saves time, since you won’t have to water as often

Benefit #2 

Mulch absorbs the impact of our intense storms here in Central Florida. Preventing erosion, soil getting washed away, or from splashing on your plants. This happens because the fibers in the mulch weave together, creating a layer that keeps the soil from washing away.

Benefit #3

Exposed soil speaks to weeds loud and clear, “Make Your Home Here”. Mulch creates a barrier to help control weeds in a few ways. First, a 3 inche layer of mulch prevents existing weed seeds from germinating by eliminating the sunlight they need. Second, the weed seeds that make their way to your garden have little success taking root due to the mulch. Applying weed killing herbicides is not only time consuming, it is expensive and the chemicals are detrimental to our environment.

Benefit #4

Organic mulch from Reliable Peat is all natural, as it naturally breaks down, it adds valuable organic matter into the soil. It also improvse the soil structure, “beefing up” our sandy soil. Creating a healthy environment for roots to thrive.

Benefit #5 

Mulch insulates the soil, which means it keeps the plant roots cool during our extremely hot summers and warm during the winter months.

Bag or Bulk?  

Bag mulch usually comes in quantities of 2 cubic feet. While bulk mulch comes in yards.  There are about 13 bags of mulch for each yard. Bag mulch can save you a bunch of money and time. You won’t have to lug all those bags from the store to your yard. Bulk mulch can be delivered to your home or if you have a trailer or truck you can pick it up yourself

Reliable Peat is one of Central Florida’s finest soil, peat, and landscaping supplier. We only carry top quality landscape products including mulch, rocks and soil, at affordable prices. These products are available for pickup or delivery.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality products at the best price. We pride ourselves on top customer service and look forward to serving you. Contact Reliable Peat for a free quote on your next project.


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