Sure, a beautiful Central Florida landscape looks great, but they can also be a lot of work. Weeds grow fast and take lots of time to remove, whether you pull them or use some type of weed killer.

A natural alternative is organic mulch or rocks. Not only is it beautiful, it adds many healthy benefits to your plants. They can add life to your landscaping with a variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes. They can easily reduce maintenance, space for activities, and improve drainage.

Rocks and stones can set the tone for yard.

Smooth stones in earth tones can create a warm feel
Bright white marble chips and stones can add life to a shaded area
Terra cotta has red tones that have a southwestern feel
Natural stones of different shapes and sizes can be used for a traditional garden feel
Rocks are perfect to conceal mechanical equipment and pond boarders.

The projects you can do with rocks and stone are just about endless

Reduce the amount of grass you have to cut every week with large boarders filled with mulch or stone.  You also won’t have to worry about doing all the weeding since stones suppress their growth. Mulch also protects the roots of the plants.

Rocks are also great for creating walking paths

Not only does it direct foot traffic flow, it makes your yard safer and more accessible.  They are perfect for play areas, underneath children’s play sets, and an outside seating area.

Rocks and mulch makes it easy to add curb appeal to your home. Reliable Peat makes it easy to get started.

Just come by one of our shops in Winter Garden or Howie in the Hills, and pick out which mulch will work best for your project and we can load it up for you or we can deliver it.

Or shop our website for our products, give us call an let us know what type and how much (we can help you determine how much your project will need) and we can have the mulch or stones delivered right to your home. We will even give you 10% off any orders over 6 yards.

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