It seems like just about everything is new and improved this year, but what about landscape mulch. Are gardening methods timeless? Or have they evolved into easier, more efficient practices?

We are all looking forward to a new year, turning over a new leaf and getting a fresh new start. 

If your flower beds and landscape look great or if they have seen better days, there is new research that shows more sustainable methods. For healthier landscapes and gardens, as well as nourishing soil for future decades. 

How can you incorporate this new research for a healthier landscape and garden?

Plants, shrubs, and trees all live organic matter. The cooler months in Central Florida is the perfect time to apply quality mulch (free of any unwanted debris or toxic materials). This organic material provides the soil with rich nutrients and creates a lively sit environment that plants thrive in. It is also a perfect remedy for sandy soil. 

In nature, soil is covered with organic material, only in the desert is it left barren. Mulch creates a a soil environment alive with microbes. Improving the soil, protecting the roots, and conserves moisture. 

While rock and stone mulch is very popular, organic mulch is healthier for the soil, and in turn the plants. Organic pine bark mulch simulates nature’s perfect soil covering.

Improves soil drainage and prevents erosion, it also helps to bind sandy soil. Mulch can make your landscape and garden more resistant to diseases and pests by adding organic matter to the soil.

Save time and money by not watering as much. Mulch retains moisture and prevents evaporation Research shows mulch can actually retain 70% more water than soil that has not been mulched.

Mulch is also easy on the budget if you take advantage of Reliable Peat’s mulch sale, save 10% on bulk order over 6 Yards! Contact Reliable Peat for more information.

It is very important to use quality mulch

Purchasing mulch from an unreliable source can cause all your hard work to go to waste. For instance, if the bag of mulch you purchased at the big box store had noxious seeds, you could be spending the rest of the season pulling weeds and trying to repair the damages instead of admiring your beautiful landscape.

Landscaping mulch can create enticing curb appeal, turn a plain backyard into a warm and inviting oasis with beautiful flower beds, and a delicious vegetable garden.

It can be a challenge to purchase several bags of mulch, especially if you don’t have a truck. Not only do you have to haul the bags from the store to your car, then to your house, you also usually need to make several trips! Or you can save all the hassle and make your landscape project easier, by contacting Reliable Peat. We can deliver mulch to your home, saving you time and money.


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