Applying a fresh layer of organic mulch is great for our landscape. Typically, Spring is the time most homeowners think about working in the yard. But there are many benefits of mulching in the Fall.

First of all, organic mulch slowly releases nutrients back into the soil. Enabling your plants, trees, shrubs, and grass to grow healthy and strong for next spring. They also keep the weeds from growing and since it is usually cooler outside this time of year, it’s a little easier to apply the mulch.

One thing for sure, your plants will be grateful to have that warm blanket of mulch when the Central Florida temperatures dip down into the 40’s and 30’s. It may seem like a long time ago, but just last winter the wind chill pushed the mercury all the down to the 20’s!

Fall is also the time we notice all the erosion that happened because of all those torrential downpours we had over the summer.

What is the best mulch?

There are many mulches on the market today. Unfortunately, toxins, byproducts, and waste have found their way into many bagged mulches found in big box stores. While your budget and personal preference play a big role in your mulch decision. Quality, organic mulch is the best for your landscape, family and pets. Not to mention our waterways and environment.

Bulk mulch from Reliable Peat offers the best quality, a premium not often found in bag mulch from big box stores. If you have any doubts, just look at the mulch itself. When you walk up to a pile of bulk mulch you can clearly physically see and even smell the quality. While bag mulch is a different story. It is hiding behind labels and logos. Often times it is wet and moldy, or even a different color than you were expecting.

There are many options when it comes to mulch, the experienced staff at Reliable Peat can help you answer any questions you may have. Shop now and take advantage of Reliable Peat’s Fall discount, 10% off all bulk orders over 6 yards, for both our Winter Garden and Lake county locations!

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