There are many benefits to using mulch in landscaping. From protecting trees, reducing weeds, beautifying your yard, to retain water in flower beds and gardens, mulch provides a healthy foundation for your entire landscape. Organic mulch comes in a variety of colors and shapes, to achieve an amazing look. Mulch is also sold by the bag or by bulk, even a small project can enjoy the benefit of buying mulch in bulk.

The benefits of using mulch in your next landscaping project include:

thinkstockphotos-140473218By buying mulch in bulk you can save tons of money and time.

It discourages weeds from growing, those that do make it through are easier to pull.

During times of Central Florida’s heavy rain mulch stops soil from compacting. Plants grow best in loose, aerated soil.

Prevents plants from drying out by retaining moisture in the soil. This can also reduce the need for so much watering.

Benefits gardens, plants and trees by adding necessary nutrients to the soil.

Decreases soil erosion and diminishes soil runoff, helping plants retain moisture.

Reduces the damaging effects of the temperature change in the soil, our extreme summer heat and cool winter nights.

Mulch also acts as a barrier, preventing disease organisms in the soil from splashing or transferring to the leaves of the plant, reducing disease outbreaks.

Creates a refined and attractive look for any residential home as well as business.

A few simple rules to keep in mind when applying mulch

When applying mulch ensure it is in an even layer and lying flat, avoid any mounds. Make sure the mulch extends past the outermost edge of the leaves or the drip line of the plant.

The layer of mulch should be about 2 to 4 inches thick. Anything over this may trap excessive moisture which can lead to disease or rot.

After applying mulch it is important to water the mulch. Dry mulch can take moisture from the soil.

When you are finished, enjoy the beautiful mulched landscape. If you have any questions about purchasing mulch in bulk, contact Reliable Peat.  We are located in Winter Garden and in Lake County, but we deliver just about anywhere.

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