Landscaping is a very important aspect of any Central Florida home or business. So much so, that it can increase property value by 14%. When compared to interior remodeling projects it has a much higher return on investment.

When it comes to beautifying your landscape, there are many options, from organic pine mulch, red and chocolate mulch, as well as, white and brown river rock, marble chips, granite, and pea rock.

Keep these things in mind when choosing the right type of mulch

Have your entire property in mind

When choosing the color and texture of your mulch, take into consideration the entire property. Using a cohesive design, complementing the home’s architecture and looks great from every angle.

Mulch makes an attractive accent

Choose a color and texture that will accentuate the exterior of your home, either matching or a color that makes your flowering plants stand out.

Protecting against erosion

If your property has bare soil or erosion issues, a layer of mulch, especially rocks can really help. For instance, bare soil can easily lose five times as much soil than ground covered with mulch.

Applying mulch

Three inches of organic mulch is recommended. Too little does not get the job done and too much can harm plants.

Mulch in Spring

Spring is the perfect time to mulch. Not only will it prevent weeds from invading the space, it will conserve moisture.  This is typically the dryer type of year in Florida, this will decrease the need for irrigation.


Typically mulch takes a beating during the fall and winter months and needs to be re-mulched in the spring. But before you just add mulch, make sure you clear out some of the old mulch and debris before adding fresh new mulch. It will also ensure you reap all the benefits of the new mulch.

Mulch is a great landscape tools, but make sure you purchase quality mulch. Often times, discount bagged mulch from big box stores can have hazardous toxins and weed seeds.

Reliable Peat

Reliable Peat sells quality organic mulch, rocks, and soil. We deliver all of our products and offer a 10% discount on order over 6 yards of mulch.

Contact Reliable Peat for more information.

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