Bark, wood chips, and rocks are very versatile in Central Florida. They can be used just about anywhere, from making your home’s landscape more attractive to helping your garden grow, it can also increase its value!

Here are our top ways to use mulch, but there a many many more!

Cypress-Chairs500Mulch: Wood chips and bark have the important job of retaining moisture in the soil and keeping the soil cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also suppress weed growth, making your landscape easier to maintain. Organic mulch also supplies plants with valuable nutrients.

Surface for Play Areas: Wood chips and bark provide a non-slip surface, as well as a safe place to play. Great for under swings, jungle gyms, tree forts, anywhere children and even adults play. To reduce the risk of injury, ensure it stays in good condition.

Walkways: Whether you use organic mulch or rocks, they are great for walkways and paths. Providing weed suppression and they also spread out evenly so there aren’t any tripping hazards.

Control Erosion: Wood chips and rocks are an excellent solution for erosion problems. They create a barrier to prevent dirt and soil from getting washed away during Central Florida torrential downpours.

Add a Touch of Decor to your Landscape: Rock gardens can give your landscape a Zen like feel. Around a pool they can help with drainage. While a couple of large boulders can create an amazing a focal point.

Compost: Organic mulch contains carbon, microbes, and valuable nutrients. creating rich, healthy soil for plants and gardens. Making a cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to add fertilizer to those flowers and vegetables. Red mulch can add a great eye catching appeal.

For a short time bulk order purchases over 6 yards can save 10%. Contact Reliable Peat for more information.

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