Deciding whether to use organic pine mulch or landscape rocks in your Central Florida yard or garden can be difficult. They both have their pros and cons, but do you really need to choose or can you use both.

A practical and beautiful solution, use both rocks and organic pine bark mulch in the same landscape.

Pros and cons of organic mulch

22Organic mulch is usually less expensive than stones or gravel. Over time this type of mulch decomposes, providing valuable nutrients to plants, reducing the need for fertilizers.

This type of mulch also helps block the growth of weeds. Helps regulate soil temperature, keeping the roots cool in our hot summer and warm on the cooler nights.

It also helps retain moisture, which means you won’t have to water as often. This mulch is relatively easy to install.

The downside of organic mulch, it will need to be replaced or supplemented about every year. It can also attract insects and in times of heavy rain can be washed away.

Pros and cons of landscape rocks

Rocks won’t need to be replaced as often as organic mulch, meaning less maintenance. They won’t fade or wash away in strong storms.

Stones come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, making it easy to match any architectural style or make a bold statement. While they also help insulate plant roots, retain moisture in the soil, and reduce weeds, they are less likely to attract insects.
On the downside, stones tend to be more expensive than organic mulch. Since they are heavier, they can be more difficult to install and they don’t provide nutrients to the soil.

It can be difficult to choose between organic mulch and stones, but don’t have to!  

Combining beauty with function. Discouraging insects from insects from entering your home by using rocks in the flower beds close to your home. While applying organic mulch around plants and trees further away from your home and can flourish in all the benefits.

Add gorgeous and functional aesthetics’s to your landscape is easy by combining both organic mulch and stones. Purchasing is just as easy at Reliable Peat.

Save 10% of your order over 6 yards! 

If you have any questions or need assistance finding the right mulch for your garden, contact Reliable Peat. We are conveniently located in Winter Garden and Lake County.

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