The MVP in your Central Florida landscape is mulch. It does so much more than add aesthetic to your home, mulch is beneficial to the soil and plants.

Mulch helps maintain the temperature of the soil, protecting roots from the scorching heat and freezing cold. It also keeps moisture in the soil, aiding the health of your plants.

Bag vs Bulk Mulch

Big box stores offer what seems like great deals on bagged mulch, but are they?


It may seem like bulk mulch cost more, but when you convert the cubic feet of bag mulch into cubic yard, which is how bulk mulch is measured, bulk always wins.

For instance, it takes about 13.5 bags of mulch to cover just one cubic foot. If you purchase this much mulch in bulk, you will definitely save money?

Not only that, you won’t have to lug all those bags of mulch into your car and then back out when you get home. Instead, you can save all that time and energy by having the mulch delivered to your home.

Quality of the mulch

Do you even know what is really in the bag of mulch at the big box store? It isn’t uncommon fro find shredded construction materials, mold, harmful chemicals, and debris.

Some bagged mulch has been sitting in a warehouse for who knows how long, before it makes it to the store, where it may be for several months before it makes its way to the shelf.

Bulk mulch is very fresh, you can see and smell the difference. The most popular mulch in Central Florida are pine bark, fine, mini, and large, as well as red mulch, black mulch, chocolate mulch, and cypress mulch.

Check back with us for more reasons why you should choose Reliable Peat for your mulch needs. Until then, contact for more information

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