Whether it is organic mulch like pine bark or stones and gravel, they are an important part of your Central Florida landscape and garden. Besides making your residential homes and businesses more attractive, mulch also increases water retention and absorption, improves aeration, prevents soil compaction, moderates soil temperature and keeps the soil moist.

thinkstockphotos-512348540Selecting the Right Mulch for Your Landscape and Garden

“There are many materials that are used for mulching, each having different characteristics. When selecting the right mulch for the landscape, it is important to consider how you will use it. For permanent plants such as trees and shrubs, use organic mulches that persist for more than one season. On vegetable and flower beds, use organic mulches that breakdown in one season and are decomposed enough by the end of the season and can be plowed into the soil. In this sense, “organic” refers to materials that are plant based (bark, straw, wood chips, etc.). Materials such as gravel and stone are considered inorganic mulches” according to the University of Massachusetts Amherst The Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment.

Bark Mulch

Whether it is nuggets or shredded bark, this type of mulch is usually made from the byproducts of soft wood such as cypress and pine. They tend to decompose slower than hardwood bark because they contain high levels of tannins, lignin, and waxes.

Wood Chip Mulch

Excellent for weed control, retaining moisture, and moderates the soil temperature. Since they decomposes slowly, valuable nutrients are slowly released into the soil.

Gravel and Stone Mulch

Great for weed control and since they are not degradable, they don’t need replenishing as often. The only downfall is that they don’t improve the soil.

Mulch gives newly planted shrubs and trees a competitive advantage, they are able to grow faster and establish quicker then unmatched plants.

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