How safe is your mulch? Today’s consumers are more aware than ever, especially when it concerns harmful or hazardous chemicals. More of us are concerned about what we eat, where we buy our food, and even trying our hand at growing a garden.

But what about our mulch? Is it safe for our children and pets to be near? What about our plants and soil? Well, that may depend on where you get your mulch.

Not all mulches are the same, consider the source

Many people would be surprised of the chemicals found in many mulches around Central Florida, shredded construction waste, arsenic, chromate copper arsenate, other toxic chemicals, lead paint, and metals. The potential health risks are very serious.

The last thing you would ever want is to top off your garden with harmful chemicals or put them under your kids jungle gym!

“Toxic mulch results from poorly processed, managed, stored or “green” mulch. Chemicals produced by fermenting organisms in the mulch pile under oxygen-deficient conditions can cause significant injury on annual and perennial landscape plants. These toxic substances can include ammonia, alcohol, methanol, acetic acid or hydrogen sulfide. These chemicals often escape, or volatilize, soon after spreading the mulch.” Michigan State University Extension.

When purchasing mulch, take the extra step and consider an organic landscape supplier

Here at Reliable Peat, we focus on only the highest quality materials at the best price to give our customers exactly what they are looking for. We are committed to producing highly fibrous peat and potting soil mixes with excellent customer service. Along with having two retail locations, selling only the best quality mulches, rock and soils made for growing in Florida.

We are conveniently located in Winter Garden at 14909 West Colonial Dr. And in Groveland an 26744 CR 33. For an added convince we also delver orders and have a discount of 10% on bulk order over 6 yards.

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