What can change a dull landscape in Central Florida into one with great looking curb appeal? The creative use of rock and mulch. The decorative use of landscape stones brings out the beauty of your plants and flowers, while raising your property value.

You want your yard to look nice, you invest a lot of time and money to make it happen. Though plants are a big focus, it is important not to forget about the non-living features in your landscaping.

Stones and rocks are an easy and affordable way to enhance your landscape without spending countless hours on maintenance.

Rock Garden

Just the ticket for an area where nothing seems to grow, a sloped location, or a dry hot spot. A variety of beautiful stones and rocks, along with low maintenance native plants, can add a beautiful focal point to any yard and requires very little maintenance.

“Rock garden planted along the side of a driveway helps create an inviting entrance to the home, according to an article in Better Homes and Gardens.

“Heat-loving perennials suit the hot climate and showcase intriguing foliage texture and color, while large boulders add rugged character. To create an informal look, drifts of sedum, salvia, yarrow, thyme, and oregano blend into one another and casually spill over onto the driveway.”

Gravel Mulch and Paths

Kick up your landscaping with an eye catching gravel mulch. Not only does it help plants stay cool in our hot environment, it adds an aesthetic appeal. Using gravel as mulch keeps keep the soil moist so you won’t have to water as much and gives a finished look to your landscaping.

Rocks and gravel come in a variety of sizes, from pea size to the size of potatoes, they also come in many colors to match your landscape. From the beautiful white and grey in pea rock, granite, and marble chips, to the natural earth tones in river rock, and timberlite, and the beautiful reds and browns in cedar bark rock and Seminole chip.

The best part about incorporating stones and rocks in your landscaping, Reliable Peak will deliver them to your home! That means you won’t have to lug bags of heavy rocks from the store to your home.

Contact Reliable Peat now and receive 10% off all orders over 6 yards!

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