Your Central Florida landscape is a big investment and mulch plays a big role. Going beyond great curb appeal, and helping insulate the soil, retaining moisture, preventing erosion and weed growth. But not just any mulch, fresh, healthy mulch without any construction debris or hazardous toxins. 

Mulch Helps Retain Moisture And Insulates The Soil

Everyone loves the way mulch gives a landscape that polished feel, but that’s just one of many aspects of mulch brings to your property. 

Mulch protects plant’s roots from extreme temperatures. When soil is left unprotected, roots can get damaged from both the cold and heat. If you’ve ever wondered why your plants aren’t looking their best or you’re having to replace them, this could be part of the problem. 

Even though it may be chilly outside, the sun is still causing moisture from the soil to evaporate, further causing problems for your plants. Organic mulch also adds vital nutrients to the soil.

Mulch Helps Prevent Weed Growth 

When properly applied, mulch prevents weeds from sprouting. While still allowing the water, air, and light to be absorbed by your plants. Instead of these weeds taking up vital nutrients, your plants can grow without any obstacles. 

Mulch Prevents Erosion 

You work hard on your landscape and garden, don’t let the soil get washed away in Central Florida’s heavy rain. Mulch plays a big role in keeping soil where it is suppose to be.

Ordering mulch in bulk may seem intimidating, but it’s very convenient and a great way to save money. Nobody wants to carry several heavy bags of mulch from the store to the car and then from the car to where you need it in the yard, it’s a great way so save time and money. Bulk mulch usually cost significantly less than all those bags.

As a leader in the mulch industry, contact Reliable Peat, we are here to help you with any questions. 

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