Low maintenance landscape designs for 2019 that look amazing are easier than you think!  Not all of us have time for weeding, pruning and watering. Having the landscape of your dreams without all the work is easy with decorative mulch and stones.


Using stones to create walkways and usable areas is a smart way to reduce the maintenance of grass. It also allows areas to be used entertaining and functional spaces. 

Pea Gravel is the most common type of material used for pathways and fire pits. These small white stones are great for a tight budget. They bring a classic beauty and can brighten a shaded area. 

For a southwest feel, seminole chips have natural terra cotta tones. White River Rock tends to be a little larger than pea rock. They create a warm traditional feel with earth tones with attractive colors and variations.

Rock based ground covers such as river rock, marble chips, granite, and crushed concrete, add a natural texture and an artful elegance. They have many benefits, increasing in popularity, and they need minimal maintenance!

Kitchen Garden

Let 2019 be the year you create that vegetable garden.  Fresh herbs and vegetables at your doorstep is a great way to stay healthy this year and save some money. Gardening is also a great way to unwind and get some exercise. 

Florida Friendly Plants

If you are looking for plants that look great and easy to take care of, make sure they are Florida Friendly.  Plants such as African Lily, Caladiums, Cannas, Crinum, Dahlia, Autumn fern, and Zeezee plant, are beautiful and thrive in our tropical environment.

Potted Plants

Decorative pots are a great way to bring life to your landscape. They can brighten up an area, they won’t need weeding, and can be moved around for a flexible layout. 

Check back with us next week for some more great ways to have a low maintenance landscaping in 2019. Until then, if you are shopping around for organic mulch, stones, soil, or decorative pots, contact Reliable Peat.

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