If you are used to going to a big box store to get your mulch, you will be pleasantly surprised of the higher quality, the convenience of having it delivered, and affordability of buying mulch in bulk. 

Ordering any type of mulch by bulk can be intimidating. But if you think about how much money you will be saving for a better quality product, without the hassle of dragging heavy bags from the store to the car, and then to your yard, you definitely won’t be getting mulch from the big box stores anymore! 

Discover the Convenience and Savings with Mulch Delivery

At Reliable Peat our products are delivered by professionals, we take the time to understand the owner specifications, instead of just dumping anywhere and rushing through the job. We respect our customers and enjoy working with them to improve their landscape.

An Affordable and Easy Way to Add Curb

There are many types of mulch that can dramatically add to the visual appearance of your yard, from marble chips and granite to several different colors of mulch. Often times, the bags you’re buying at the big box stores are of compromising quality and the mulch itself is hidden by the labeling. Buying in bulk allows you to see exactly what you are getting.

Protect your Landscape Against Erosion and Drought

Rocks can keep the soil from washing away in Central Florida’s torrential rains, it can also help direct all that rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Organic mulch can help the soil retain moisture, while enhancing top soil. Though traditional mulch needs replacing every few years, it also creates a healthy environment for plants by adding essential nutrients to the soil.

Rock Mulch Discourages Pests and Insects

Rock mulch can prevent nuisance wildlife, the neighbor’s dog, and insects from disturbing your landscape.

The Best Landscape Solution for Your Property

Whether it is a simple landscaping project or a major overhaul, organic mulch and rocks by bulk is easy and affordable. Contact Reliable Peat with any questions.

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