If you are thinking about updating your Central Florida landscape or creating a beautiful walkway in your yard, there are many options available when it comes to what type of material to use. Including traditional pine bark, red mulch, river rock, marble chips, and pea rock.

It is easy to achieve a beautiful focal point when it comes to walkways and paths projects. The material you choose should depend on the design, creative style, the size of the area, and of course your budget.

For this type of project it is much less expensive to purchase the material, whether mulch or stones, in bulk and have them delivered to your home. A path should be 3 feet wide with a 3 inch deep layer of mulch. As an avid do-it-myselfer, I usually find a picture of something or get an idea in my head and think, “I can do that in my yard’.

Start With the Design and Materials

Take into consideration the architecture of your home when choosing the type, texture, and color of the mulch. Organic mulch typically provides a casual earthy feel. While stones tend to have a more elegant and modern look to them. Be sure not to choose a material that will be slippery when wet. Bob Vila offers advice for garden paths.

Bark mulch is a budget- and DIY-friendly material to keep in mind for no small number of appealing walkway ideas

Gravel isn’t just for driveways. On the contrary, it’s the basis for many walkway ideas popular among DIYers for their low cost and welcoming, informal look. Extremely versatile, gravel comes in myriad colors and sizes.

Get Started

Determine the boundaries and direction of the path’s design. Then remove all the grass and vegetation from the area. Installing a weed barrier, such as a heavy plastic, will help with maintenance.

If you are laying any larger stepping stones they should be about 6 to 8 inches apart, ensure they are level for easy walking.  Then fill in with mulch or stones.

Installing an edging can help keep the mulch contained, instead of slipping into the landscape. For a clean look a narrow strip of heavy plastic or metal. For more of an ambiance, bricks or pavers can be placed around the edging.

With so many choices, it can be difficult to decide. To get a better feel for the different materials, stop by one of Reliable Peat’s locations, Winter Garden and Groveland.

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