Creating a low-maintenance, Florida-friendly landscaped yard and garden may be easier than you think. In last week’s blog we talked about whether organic pine bark mulch or stones and rocks right for your project

“Natural stone is one of the most versatile elements available for a landscape makeover. Rocks add texture and contrast, serve as a durable ground cover and require little or no maintenance,” HGTV

With so many types of stones to choose from, granite, white river rock, marble chips, pea rock, cedar bark rock, seminole chips, and crushed concrete, they all have their own benefits. Applying stone to your property can save you money in the long run, purchasing stone in bulk can save even more.

Natural stones and rocks have several benefits

Protection against erosion
Discourages weed growth
Less prone to mold
Last several years without needing to be replaced
Filters rain water so the soil is protected against pelting rain
Excellent solution for areas that are prone to standing rain water
Even and clean appearance

White river rock

Smooth rounded river rock, primarily white in color with some tan and grey tones. A great option for those with young children  and walkways because they are safe and easy to walk-on.

Pea rock

Smooth texture, usually uniform in size, similar to white river rock in color just a little smaller in size, relatively light weight, and very budget friendly.

Marble chips

Natural elegance, White marble mulch has become very popular here in Central Florida. Marble mulch is simply large pieces of white marble that has been crushed into the size of gravel. It has the appeal of a high end landscape project, when purchased in bulk, it is very affordable.

Cedar bark rock

Gets its name because of their resemblance to natural Cedar Bark, with rich tones of red and brown.  A unique decorative stone, with a variety of sizes and depth of color, they are generally dark red and black in color. They are ideal for landscape projects and drainage issues.

Brown river rock:

Decorative brown, gold, and tan colors, round, smooth, and a beautiful compliment to any landscaping. Their refined appearance comes from years of water currents wearing down and polishing the rocks. This water aging process is responsible for the interesting colors and shapes. Some even have the look of precious gems.

The Best Landscape Solution for Your Property

Whether it is a simple landscaping project or a major overhaul, organic mulch and rocks by bulk is easy and affordable. Contact Reliable Peat with any questions. Take advantage of our Spring special, for a limited time Reliable Peat is offering 10% off all bulk orders over 6 yards!


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