Mulch is a key step in Central Florida landscapes and gardens. Now is the perfect time to apply a fresh layer of mulch to improve plant health and enhance the appearance of your landscape.

Is it really necessary to add mulch every year?

Sure, mulch improves the look of flower beds and landscapes by providing a beautiful background for plants and flowers to pop. Mulch also creates a more defined and polished feel. But the benefits of mulch go well beyond aesthetics.

Mulch is necessary for healthy plants and landscapes.

Insulates soiled protected plant roots from fluctuating temperatures

Help retain moisture in the soil

Prevents erosion

Suppresses growth of weeds

Reduces damage from lawn mowers

When organic mulch breaks down it adds beneficial organic matter into the soil.

Bark mulch is easy to install. They can be installed with a shovel, fork, or even your hands.

If you are on a budget, bark mulch tends to be a more economical option. You can give your landscape that professional finished feel without putting a big dent in your wallet.

It is important to purchase mulch from a quality source, such as a soil and mulch supply center

Bagged mulch can be purchased pretty cheaply from just about anywhere nowadays. But unfortunately, some of them can be more harmful than beneficial because they contain contaminants and weed seeds. The last thing you want is to put toxins in your fruit or vegetables.

For a real bargain head to your local soil and mulch distributor and purchase quality mulch for about the same price or even less than the big box stores. You can even have it delivered to your home for an added convenience.

If you have any questions or you have decided which type of mulch works best for your landscape, contact Reliable Peat.  We can deliver the mulch of your choice to your home. For a big savings, take advantage of our special, take 10% off when you purchase 6 yards of mulch, just mention this blog before you check out!

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