A fresh layer of mulch is a great way to freshen up your Central Florida landscape and garden. Don’t forget to add a layer of depth and visual interest with some beautifully colored ceramic pots and containers.

Whether it is shredded bark or rocks, now is the perfect time of year to give your property a make over. During the mulching process there are a few things to keep in mind:

“The term “mulch” refers to any substance applied to the soil surface to suppress weeds, retain soil moisture, and stabilize soil temperatures. There are dozens of different types of mulch, so choose your products carefully. And remember, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. The cheap, bagged mulch you can pick up at the gas station is not necessarily the best mulching product for your yard,” according to an article in Trib Live.

It is important to purchase mulch from a quality source, such as a soil and mulch supply center. Many bagged mulches can contain construction debris and chemicals that not only destroy soil life, it can also harm children and pets.

“Do not allow any type of mulch to come into direct contact with plant stems or trunks. Piling mulch around the base of tree trunks or on top of perennial crowns encourages root girdling, crown rot, and a slow death. Instead of making a pile of mulch against it, form a circle of mulch around each plant, keeping the mulching product several inches away from the base of the plant. Far too many trees are killed by too-thick mulch piled around their trunks.”

If you are concerned about dirt from the mulch splashing up on your home, you may want to consider putting a perimeter of pea gravel or river rock up against your house. About 2 feet wide area should ensure your home stays clean, then apply organic mulch beyond the gravel.

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