With over 115 million people planning on working in their landscape in the United States this spring, mulch is a big topic. Often times mulch can end up being an afterthought, but the benefits organic mulch brings to your property should not be overlooked!

Discourages Weed Growth

You take time to plant in your landscape and garden, the last thing you want is a bunch of weeds taking over. Both organic and stone mulch prevent weeds from growing. Not only will this save you valuable time, it allows your plants to enjoy all the nutrients available in the soil without having to compete against the aggressive roots of weeds. 

Regulate the Moisture in the Soil 

Let’s face it, soon it will be pretty hot. How will your plants handle it? They are doing to be doing a lot better if they have a fresh application of mulch around them. Not only does mulch keep the soil temperature cooler on hot sunny days, it also keeps the soil drying out as quickly. According to recent studies, mulch kept plant roots from drying out and greatly boosted their yields. 

Benefits to the Soil

While some mulches are known for their ability to deter some predators, such as the dreaded carpet beetles. Organic mulch can attract beneficial critters, such as worms, to the soil, helping plants grow and increasing their yields. 

Reduce Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a big issue here in Central Florida. Our torrential afternoon downpours and high winds allow our precious soil to be stripped away. A three inch application of mulch on top of the soil will keep it from flying away.

Not All Mulches Are the Same

Choosing the right mulch is just as important as where it comes from. Mulch from a local supplier will ensure its quality and freshness. You never know just how long mulch has been sitting in that bag at a big box store, or if there is anything else in it, such as chemicals or construction waste.

Here at Reliable Peat, we carry top quality landscape products including mulch, rock and soil. These products are available for pickup or delivery. Most items are available in both bagged and bulk quantities. Our goal is to offer the highest quality products at the best price. We pride ourselves on top customer service and look forward to serving you.

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