Why should you mulch your landscaping or garden this time of year? It is probably not exactly what is on your mind, but just a little bit of work now can ensure a beautiful landscape this spring.

The University of Vermont Extension Department of Plans and Soil Science has done extensive research on proper mulch techniques and the benefits.

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for the health of trees, shrubs, and flowers if done properly. Proper mulching is especially important for plants under stress, or newly planted ones without extensive root systems.  To correctly apply organic mulches, such as the common shredded pine bark, to trees, start six inches from the base working out to the desired diameter. Depth should start at one inch at the inner circle, increasing to no more than four inches at the outer edge of the circle.  Final depth may be reduced if landscape fabric is placed under the mulch.

Why Mulch in the Winter Months

While it may not snow here in Central Florida, it still gets cold. Our plants and trees are not use to those cold nights.  They tend to need a little help. Mulch acts as a blanket for your ornamental trees, plants, and shrubs. Insulating and keeping the root system warm during the cooler months and doing just the opposite in the heat of the summer.

If you add up the cost of replacing the plants and trees that didn’t make it through the cold winter, mulching in the Fall months really makes sense! Not to mention it is a lot easier to add mulch in the cooler weather than replacing plants in the heat in spring.

It is a simple and effective way to ensure a healthy landscape and garden, that looks good all year long!

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