Fall is beautiful here in Central Florida, it’s a great time to make your yard beautiful. Aside from applying a fresh layer of mulch, many homeowners are building patios, planting trees, and plants. 

Unfortunately, many people are adding landscape plants that are not native to Central Florida. 

Why is it important to plant the right plants? According to Florida Friendly Landscaping: 

So, how do plant selection and landscape design con- tribute to saving water and preventing pollution? The first Florida-Friendly Landscaping principle—“Right Plant, Right Place”—involves designing a landscape efficiently and choosing plants that fit the site. This helps reduce maintenance inputs, including irrigation, fertilization, mowing, and application of pesticides, which in turn lowers the risk of pollutants finding their way into ground or surface waters.

Keeping excess nitrogen and phosphorous out of the water improves the health of water bodies and by extension the whole ecosystem. This guide will help you to create a landscape that works with the natural environment, rather than against it. Such a landscape, if maintained correctly, will require less money, time, and effort on your part, while still looking healthy and beautiful.

Bark mulch and stones add interest to your landscape

Mulch and stones add a professional feel, while providing valuable benefits.  They are great for creating walkways, relaxing seating spaces, and fire pit areas.

Bark mulch comes in a variety of colors and sizes, red and chocolate mulch, natural brown mulch in fine, mini, and large sizes.

Stones also add interest to your landscape. Black slate creates an aesthetically pleasing border. Small brown river rock and white river rock have a natural fee and come in a variety of colors, tans, browns, and light grey. Pea rock are small and rounded, while marble chips are a little larger

You can save a lot of money when purchasing mulch and stones in bulk. Here at Reliable Peat, we offer a variety of quality mulch, stones, and soil. We also deliver all of our products and offer a 10% discount on order over 6 yards.

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