Typically, thinking of mulch brings images of bark mulch of different sizes. This type of mulch is great for suppressing weeds, adding nutrients to the soil, controlling erosion, insulating plant roots, retaining moisture, and having that professional landscape finish. 

But there are other types of mulch on the market that work better for different purposes. 

Landscape Rocks and Stones

“While the initial cost to fill landscape beds with rock mulch can be very costly, the rock lasts much longer, saving you money in the long run. Another benefit to rock mulch vs. organic mulch is that beds mulched with rock do not provide hiding spots and adequate breeding grounds for many pests and diseases like organic mulches do,” according to Gardening Know How. 

River Rock Mulch 

River rock has become very popular in Central Florida. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match any decorative design. 

Harvest from river beds, river rocks are smooth stones with natural earth tones. They are great for creating walkways, seating areas, driveways, flowerbeds, a fire pit, they add amazing ambiance to any property. 

They are a durable ground cover and can add rich texture to the landscape. Low maintenance plants and rocks create a sustainable and harmonious environment that also saves time, money, and energy. 

River rocks are perfect for an area where nothing seems to grow, a sloped location, or a dry hot spot. A variety of beautiful stones and rocks, along with low maintenance native plants, can add a beautiful focal point to any yard and requires very little maintenance.

Since river rocks don’t wash away or decompose, they last a long time. This makes them worth the investment.

If you are thinking about starting a landscape project, Reliable Peat has great prices on all types of mulch, gravel, rocks,  and soil products.  Having mulch delivered can save you a ton of time and money.

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