Homeowners in Central Florida face many challenges when it comes to their landscape. Whether it’s the intense summer heat, the torrential downpours, or a small budget, mulch can help solve many problems.

Here are some common landscape issues where mulch can help

Intense Summer Heat

Our beautiful tropical climate can make keeping our landscape costly and take additional work to keep it looking beautiful. To protect the delicate roots of your plants, insulate them by applying about 3 inches of mulch.

Too Much Maintenance

You love a beautiful looking landscape, but don’t like all the work? There is a reason why they say, “grow like weeds’. They seem to pop up just about everywhere. A good layer of mulch can prevent most of those weeds from germinating.

Rocks can keep the soil from washing away in the rain, it can also help direct all that rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Organic mulch can help the soil retain moisture, while enhancing top soil. Though traditional mulch needs replacing every few years, it creates a healthy environment for plants by adding essential nutrients to the soil.

Water Conservation

Mulch also prevents erosion, raises up slopes, and even outs low areas. Mulch absorbs rain water and keeps the soil moist so it is readily available for plants. Less water means less money out of your pocket.

Buying in bulk is also better for the environment. It would take 140 bags just to cover 10 yards of mulch. That’s 140 bags you have to carry, heavy plastic to cut open, empty, and then having to dispose of all those bags.

Budget Friendly Landscape

Our long winter took a toll 0n most yards, mulch is an inexpensive way to liven up a tired looking landscape. A fresh application  is an easy way to freshen up your yard.

There are many types of mulch that can dramatically add to the visual appearance of your yard, from marble chips and granite to several different colors of mulch. Often times, the bags you get at the big box stores are of compromising quality and hidden by the labeling. Buying in bulk allows you to see exactly what you are getting.

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